Zencube’s Story

Zencube is the result of years of meticulous research and development. We knew Himalayan salt lamps offered many benefits, but there were some challenges. In humid climates, the salt would sweat when heated, resulting in a slick surface and requiring furniture to be protected. Open flames in some lamps were a safety concern. Incandescent bulbs were not energy efficient and could make the lamp hot to the touch.

We knew we could do better with just a few ingenuous alterations. The resulting prototype was streamlined in style and energy usage but still delivered the full benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp. We couldn’t wait to start production.

Zencube’s journey to your home starts in the Khewra salt mines in the Punjab region of Pakistan. There, rosy Himalayan salt is brought out of the mines and cut into symmetrical cubes that are sent to our product manufacturers in the Far East. The cubes are precisely sliced to a uniform thickness and inserted into the tasteful lamp housing that was designed to work with any décor. The salt slice allows the interior LED light source to create a warm glow and safely heat the salt so that it releases negative ions into the air.

Himalayan salt is one of the richest, purest substances in the world. More than 80 beneficial minerals, trace minerals and microminerals are present in Himalayan salt. It is naturally occurring and, other than being handcrafted to the appropriate shape, requires no processing. Zencube's salt is directly sourced from Himalayan salt mines, creating a close connection with nature in a modern, beautiful package.

Inspired by the Purest Places on Earth

  • Himalayan Mountains
  • Pure Himalayan Salt
  • The Art of Crafting
  • Nature in a Cube

We used our expertise to create and build something pure that would bring the natural benefits of the outdoors in to our homes and offices.

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