Do you want to sleep better and purify the air you breathe?
Now you can. Amongst the many benefits of Zencube are:


Purified air that enhances wellbeing.


Neutralising the impact of technology around us


Increased energy levels, improved mood and easier concentration.


Contemporary, innovative design


Aromatherapy in the air - with your favorite essential oils


An increased blood and oxygen supply to the brain meaning more restful and beneficial sleep.

A lot of goodness in a small package

Zencube offers all the benefits of traditional Himalayan salt lamps without any of the drawbacks:

Releases negative ions into the air to improve physical, mental and emotional health

Can be used with essentials oils for aromatherapy

Naturally cleans and deodorizes air

Low energy consumption

Stays cool to the touch

Contemporary, innovative design complements any décor

Can be controlled by a color control app to match your mood or surrounding